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Monday, December 9, 2013
  Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here  

Athena Forum's CM Express
for New Hires!!

Accelerating Performance in the New CM

The purpose of this 420 page course is to rapidly equip new CMs with knowledge and skills to apply evidence-based information to their emerging practice. Our faculty is comprised of clinical experts in relevant topics including:

  • Accelerating your Performance - Mod A
  • Improving Claims and
    Reimbursement - Mod B
  • Effective Resource Management - Mod C
  • Enhanced Care Transitions
    & Patient Experience - Mod D

All modules offer CE for RN & SW case managers!! Completing this course will prepare new CMs to intervene and support the efforts of the transdisciplinary team.

[Reference: CM Express: Introduction]

  Excellence in Case Mgmt  

CM Express: Proactive CM

There are four special human endowments which give us power and determine if we are proactive or reactive. These are:

  • Self-awareness - the understanding that you have a choice between stimulus and response.
  • Conscience - the ability to consult your inner compass to decide what is right.
  • Creative Imagination - the ability to visualize alternative responses.
  • Independent Will - the freedom to choose your own unique response.

Understanding yourself and using these human endowments can help you become a proactive CM.

[Reference: CM Express: Module A, Accelerating Your Performance]

  Improving Patient Care...  

CM Express: MDs Count on Their CM Colleagues

"With the ever-increasing complexity of hospital care and the constant drive to shorten length of stay, more than ever before physicians count on their case management colleagues to help them get their patients through the continuum of care and coordinate post-discharge needs."

Ronald L Hirsch, MD, FACP

[Reference: CM Express: Module D, Enhanced Care Transitions]


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