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Monday, November 17, 2014
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Suicide: A Final Gathering of Unknown Motives

"Death by one's own hand is far too much a final gathering of unknown motives, complex psychologies and uncertain circumstances.

"And it insinuates itself far too corrosively into the rights, fears and despairs of the living for the definition of suicide to stay locked within the crisp categories chipped out by scientists or for it to adhere to the abstruse elaborations spun out by linguists and philosophers."

Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist and Writer

[Reference: Harm Risk Behaviors, Mod C, Pathophysiology of Suicide]

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Suicide: Complex Issues

Psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy are the primary interventions used in clinical settings when working with suicidal clients.

It is clear that suicidal thinking is an issue which is complex, multilevel, and multidimensional

CMs are already on the front line of assessment. It is their job to monitor patients' needs.

As the health care delivery changes, their work is taking on increased importance. From initial contact through ongoing care CMs facilitate and organize the transdisciplinary team efforts which are essential to effectively manage psychological disorders.

[Reference: Harm Risk Behaviors, Mod D, Non-Pharma Treatment]

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Suicide: Associated Factors

Suicide and suicidal thinking are believed to result from a combination and interplay of factors in conjunction with life stresses. These factors include:

  • Behavioral and Biological
  • Environmental and Socio-environmental
  • Genetic
  • Psychological
As previously mentioned in earlier modules, a prior history of suicidal behaviors and attempts is the single strongest predictor.

[Reference: Harm Risk Behaviors, Mod C, Pathophysiology of Suicide]


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