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Monday Memo
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
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Ebola Care Management

  • Module A: Etiology
  • Module B: Assessment & Management
  • Module C: CM Role in Ebola Care
NASW SW CE is under application. We anticipate adding SW CE in March.
Tips from our featured course

Ethics in CM: "Remote Services"

Telemedicine is closely allied with the term health information technology (HIT). However, HIT more commonly refers to electronic medical records and related information systems while telemedicine refers to the actual delivery of remote clinical services using technology.

Often no separate coding is required for billing of remote services. Telehealth has emerged as a cost-effective alternative to traditional face-to-face consultations or examinations between provider and patient for states with large rural populations.

[Reference: Ethics in CM, Module C, Telehealth]

Ethics in CM: "Virtual Visits"

A debate continues over the use of communication technology in home care. It seems intuitive that "virtual visits" would be more efficient than clinicians visiting patients at home.

Recognizing the potential for cost-savings over conventional hospitalization, Medicare took an early lead in providing reimbursement for telemedicine services. Medicaid reimburses in some states with others taking it under consideration.

[Reference: Ethics in CM, Module C, Telehealth]

Ethics in CM: "eHealth"

Technology is neither ethical nor unethical. It is the intent and means by which the technology is implemented and utilized that impact the question of appropriate use. Legal and ethical concerns include the:

  • Responsibilities and potential liabilities of the health professional
  • Duty to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of patient records
  • Jurisdictional problems associated with cross-border consultations
  • Reimbursement for care provided using a telemedicine service

"We are at the threshold of a new environment in which telemedicine, broadly defined, must be an essential part of mainstream healthcare if patients are to receive the appropriate care, at the appropriate site, by the appropriate provider while avoiding duplication and waste."

Rashid L. Bashshur, PhD

[Reference: Ethics in CM, Module C, Telehealth]


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