Monday Memo
Monday Memo
Monday, November 30, 2015
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Heart Failure: The Wait is Over

You requested it and the Athena team of educators listened. The wait is finally over. Tomorrow the Heart Failure course will be updated from 3-5pm EST. Thank you for your patience as we worked diligently to upgrade this course from the original four module course to our new seven module course.

We are confident you will find this new course has the content you've been looking for. The 7 modules include:

  • Pathophysiology
  • Assessment
  • Pharmacology treatment
  • Non-Pharmacological treatment
  • Patient Engagement
  • Self-care Strategies
  • Transdisciplinary Team
We look forward to your feedback on this exciting new course.

[Revised Heart Failure course, available 12.1.15]

Tips from our featured course

Heart Failure: Engage Patient in Condition Management

Healthcare in the 21st century is increasingly about long-term condition management. The natural corollary of long-term condition management is health behavior change.

Healthcare providers, especially cardiovascular specialists, routinely find themselves trying to persuade patients, and sometimes organizations, to change their behavior. Helping individuals and organizations recognize the importance of modifying behaviors that are associated with risk factors is one leading example.

Case managers (CMs), advance practice nurses (APNs), home health providers, physicians and other transdisciplinary team members are constantly trying to convince patients to adhere to medical regimens.

[Heart Failure, Module E, Patient Engagement, available12.1.15] www.athenaforum.com

HF: Teach Self-care, Manage Exacerbations, Stop Readmissions

Heart failure (HF) continues to result in high morbidity, mortality, hospital readmission rates and healthcare costs, especially among adults ≥65 years of age, which is the most rapidly growing segment of the United States (U.S.) population.

Effective self-care is a key component in preventing exacerbations of HF. Therefore, promoting self-care is an important factor in both improving patient prognosis and reducing hospital readmissions.

[HF, Module F, Self-care Strategies, available 12.1.15] www.athenaforum.com

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I want to thank our 20,000 healthcare professionals for requesting new topics on Athena Forum.

Thomas A. Rasmussen
CEO & Publisher
Athena Forum Institute

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