Monday Memo
Monday Memo
Monday, June 6, 2016
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Athena Forum Institute will be exhibiting at the Long Beach Convention Center for the CMSA's Annual Conference. Please visit our booth, #213 and meet members of our team!

Tom Rasmussen, CEO & Publisher, Athena Forum Institute

Tips from our featured course

Announcing Inflammatory Bowel Disease Course

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new course on Inflammatory Bowel Disease this week. This course will replace the GI Disease course and includes five modules:

A. Pathophysiology

B. Assessments

C. Patient Engagement

D. Pharmacologics

E. Non-Pharmacologic Treatments

Read on to see excerpts from this new course.


IBD: Maintain Remission, Improve Mucosal Healing

The goal of treatment is to suppress intestinal inflammation, ultimately improving the quality of life in patients afflicted with IBD.

Traditionally, an acceptable therapeutic endpoint was the resolution of symptoms, defined as clinical remission; however, as a result of recent advances in therapy clinicians can now strive to achieve more stringent endpoints, including both endoscopic and histologic remission.

Many different classes of agents can be used individually or in combination to achieve mucosal healing. CMs should pull together the transdisciplinary team to help motivate and encourage patients. Motivated patients will become more adherent which in turn improves their health.

[Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Module D, Pharmacologics]

New & Evolving Therapeutic Goals for IBD

New therapeutic goals have emerged for CD such as the need to look beyond symptoms by achieving mucosal healing that is known to be associated with better outcomes.

In 2016, Immunomodulators should be the first-line therapy in patients with CD who suffer from severe and/or complicated disease and in those with poor prognostic factors. In the remaining patients, a rapid step-up approach based on tight monitoring is recommended.

[Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Module D, Pharmacologics]


Notice from the Publisher

I want to thank our 20,000 healthcare professionals for requesting new topics on Athena Forum.

Thomas A. Rasmussen
CEO & Publisher
Athena Forum Institute

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