“We’re training our 380 care coordinators on Athena Forum — among our 80 med groups all over Minnesota. This is 21st Century convenient!”

Sue Robinson RN MS
Manager ACO Education
Allina Health Accountable Care Organization
Minneapolis, MN

“We’re forecasting a 100 X ROI for one Athena Forum tuition of about $125 per person. This ROI is expressed as forecasting about $12,500 in reduced hospitalizations in a year.
  • –Assume one care coordinator gains better health coaching skills from Athena education,
  • –Assume that same care coordinator has a panel of 4,000 seniors,
  • –Assume that same care coordinator helps only ONE Medicare severe asthmatic to asthma-proof her home,
  • –Assume that Medicare asthmatic avoids one asthma hospitalization in a year.

The ROI then of avoiding one hospital admit at ~ $12,500 is then 100 X the Athena tuition of $125.00. Scale that to 100 people and you’re saving $1.2M in cost containment strategy. And this ROI could be conservative.”

Chief Medical Officer
Accountable Care Organization
Western, NY

What’s Your Workforce Strategy in Population Health?

Athena Forum Institute.com® is a 7,000 page online CE course curriculum dedicated to improving your workforce training. We award 700 CE for RN, Social Work and the CCM credential.

This is a management tool designed by 400 care management directors nationwide.

Company directed training is a powerful new tool to elevate team competencies and improve organizational performance.

Company-directed training means care directors assign courses month-over-month to steer the team toward improved tele-health coaching and population health excellence. Each month of course assignments the team is earning CE certificates toward state licensure. We call this a win-win.

Athena Forum courses elevate core competencies in areas such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, CAD, heart failure and more.

Organizational goals include:

1. Elevating core competencies of front line care coordinators,

2. Improving the health status of your covered population,

3. Reducing hospitalization spend and optimizing resource utilization.

Learn more about Athena Forum’s workforce performance strategies.

Best wishes,

Thomas A. Rasmussen CEO & Publisher Athena Forum Institute® Thomas A. Rasmussen
Athena Forum Institute®